Tissue Engineering and 3D Printing

Aims to fabricate of multifunctional scaffolds that meet the mechanical, structural, and nutritional requirements supported optimized models. Computer-aided three-dimensional (3D) printing technology is driving major innovations in many areas, like engineering, manufacturing, art, education and medicine. It’s being applied to regenerative medicine to affect the need for tissues and organs suitable for transplantation. Recently, it's shown an excellent promise in tissue fabrication with structural control from micro- to macro-scale by employing a layer-by-layer approach. It involves additional complexities, like choice of materials, cell types, growth and differentiation factors, and technical challenges related to the sensitivities of living cells and thus the development of tissues. It’s been already used for the generation and transplantation of several tissues, including multi-layered skin, bone, vascular grafts, tracheal splints, heart tissue and cartilaginous structures. Other applications involve developing the high-throughput 3D-bioprinted tissue models for analysis, drug discovery, and pharmacology. This track will cover several approaches that have advanced the world of 3D technology through novel fabrication methods of tissue engineering constructs.


  • 3D cell culture techniques and tools
  • Commercialization and 3D cell culture
  • Cell culture platforms
  • Tissue engineering translation
  • Advancements in tissue engineering

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