Advances in Stem Cell

Since the start of there has been an effective research within the field of somatic cell biology, recent advances within the field of somatic cell research mainly focused within the translation of scientific insights into new therapies. It represents a replacement strategy for organ and tissue repair in several pathologies. Additional treatment strategies are urgently needed thanks to donor organ shortage that costs many lives per annum and leads to lifelong immunosuppression. Stem cells are characterized by the power to renew themselves and differentiating into a various range of specialized cell types. Stem cells have potential to treat various diseases, genetic bone marrow disorders and therefore the treatment of malignant. Being all other somatic cell applications highly experimental, Moreover, there's a growing body of evidence showing that administration of stem cells results in the successful regeneration of tissues or organ.


  • Spinal cord injury
  • Axonal regeneration
  • Stem cell transplantation

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