Chemotherapy is a widely used treatment for cancer. It usually entails the utilization of chemicals to destroy cancer cells on a selective basis. As a part of the body's natural action, cells are constantly replaced through a process of dividing and growing. When cancer occurs, cells reproduce in an uncontrolled manner. More and more cells are produced, and that they start to occupy an increasing amount of space until they occupy the space previously inhabited by useful cells. It usually is employed to treat patients with cancer that has spread from the place within the body where it metastasized. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells anywhere within the body. It even kills cells that have broken off from the main tumor & travel through the blood or lymph systems to the other parts of the body.

Chemotherapy drugs: Impair mitosis, or prevent cellular division , as within the case of cytotoxic drugs. Target the cancer cells' food source, which consists of the enzymes and hormones they have to grow. Apoptosis stop the expansion of latest blood vessels that provide a tumor so as to starve it. A single drug or a mixture of medicine is employed. These are often delivered either directly into the bloodstream, to attack cancer cells throughout the body, or they will be targeted to specific cancer sites.


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